I am into time-space morph.

I use Soma OR MOON. It shows that the reality is a construct of the mind through Synchronicity in which I reside in totality.
It does not cause illusions since it shows that the the basic reality itself is an illusion.

In other words, like Buddha said, “One has to just wake up from the dream.”
I am a creator and the creation too. Hence, being the creator changes creation and this changes me too. And, this is a loop. I would like to make this as creative as possible.

Fractal magic

With Soma this change is slow and subtle. Since Soma relaxes the body, and in this process the mind is enabled to reflect with less anxiety.

There were times in the past where it entered the mind in continuous synchronicity leading to ecstatic state of being God Himself.
Incidentally, this is the ONLY truth taught by the Vedas-”Aham Brahmas vi”.


I believe that there is a purpose for my existence apart from the regular one. Since the rule of the universe is its interdependence and a unified beginning and Being after the big bang, the microcosm reflects the macro. Just as we are ruled by the astronomical arrangement of heavenly bodies during our entry into this relative existence(our awareness of being ONE is denied), in an altered state it is possible to change the stars itself resulting in a harmonious universe with also the earth in it. In the usual level of consciousness we are bound to the collective mind of the planet and our own relative existence. But in an altered state of consciousness, the mind slows down and expands since it is beyond the space-time fabric thus affecting it.


Everyone with the Right thought construct & thought process alter endorphines affecting pheromones & thus morph Aura, Dream Soul and reach this state in a manner such that it spiritually transforms the very physical and hence the perceived mental projection of it. And a great degree of Faith is needed. Faith is belief of something that cannot be proved. Have no doubts, just believe and thy will is done. I am not suggesting for one to renounce the world and live a monk’s life to be free from fears which are but the collective anxieties of all our Past mental makeup, yeah, even while being in our mother’s womb too. Fears lead to doubts which kills the Belief.


It requires the core spiritual value of being truthful and surrendering to a Higher self. One has to be already in the state of one is all and all is one. Not perceive oneself as apart from lesser mortals but a part of this living planet and seeing the self mirrored in it. In other words, total acceptance of the universe and oneself. No past no future thus no regret, remorse, guilt or fear and anxiety. This kind of acceptance is not as easy it sounds. Personally for me it has been a long journey of 40 years on this planet before it sank in with no ripples of karma left, since every thought is accounted for and returned duly. I know I am ready for the next leap since I am in instant karma and synchronicity. In yester years, I used to be in a euphoric state seeing the reality dance with myself. But lately I have progressed to a state of observer and and understood that what i held in awe -synchronicity- is the only way this universe exists. In other words to quote Einstein, I lived the state of “spooky behavior of particles at distance.”


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