Surf or surf

long you live and high you fly, only if you ride the tide

Balanced on the biggest wave, you race towards an early Grave -pf

For Sattva Guna balancing (Without Desire or Ego): Cognitive conscience, Awareness, Mind, Aura, Body, Past, PRITWE, GAYATRI mantra : 4D – this is space-time fabric, next think of wormholes and D-Brane

For Rajas Guna balancing (Passionate Desire or Ego):Sub conscience, Psychic, Consciousness, Dream, Present, Kalachakra, Mrutunjaya mantra : 5D – this is Dreamscape Fantasy, next think of Houdini or P. C. Sarcar

For Tamas Guna balancing (inertia or indifference): Collective conscience, Maya, Soul, Vision, Future, Solar System, Navagraha mantra : 6D – this is Karma through Dharma, next think of the unthinkable

Welcome to 7D or Nemesis of Ugrarupa Narsimha:

Sensory                          Worldly                   Element                     Nodes                       Bodypart
———-                            ———                     ———–                    ————                  ————-
Seeing is Believing     Decent Attire        Fire : Agni                 Thumb                      Eyes
Hearing is Knowing    Balanced Food   Ether : Akash           Middle Finger         Ears
Smelling is Being         Warm House       Earth : Prithvi          Ring Finger              Nose
Tasting is Feeling         Useful Work         Water : Jal                Small Finger            Tongue
Touching is Living       Trusting Friends Wind : Vayu              Fore Finger               Skin
Speaking is Sharing    Anonymity           Sound : AUM            Palm                            Voicebox
Loving is Leaving          Sound Health     Time : Cycle             Hand lines                Heart


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