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AURA is the VIBRATION that permeates through the corporal body with the DREAM as the source
DREAM is the FREQUENCY that the SOUL emits
SOUL is the intelligent layered ENERGY packet that is an aggregation of past survivals & evolution.
LIFE is the SOUL on its maiden journey as karmic consequences
KARMA is the ENTITY whose expression is needed for dharma
DHARMA is the PEACE which brings serenity to the universe
SERENITY is the NATURE whose state is the cosmic enthropy
COSMOS is the FLUX of, magnetic field like that of Earth & the radiation of Sun or stars with cosmic rays.

While FEAR is self~defense mechanism from PAST experiential. ANGER is a self~offence natural tendency due to FUTURE obstruction. Simply put: FIGHT or FLIGHT tendency of the self preservation instinct in ALL.

The mind can be directed only towards any one point with thought without wavering while in the NORMAL consciousness at any given, instant of time.

YOGA means UNION of BODY & MIND, using the ASANAS for holding the Mind to the the Body structure in occupation; PRANAYAMA for Thought modulation through speed of thoughts; KRIYA for routine Body detox & rejuvenation; AND last but not the least SHAVASANA for releasing the Stress & effort put in.

Can any ONE EVER BE wrong since consciousness is at work and it uses all the three levels of conscious, subconscious & unconscious mind in a single day as the waking, dream & deep sleep states for ‘the creation to be’ at each and every moment. Yoga is reaching the Mind through the Body while meditation is reaching the Spirit through the Mind & Spirituality is reaching the Union of Aura, Dream & Soul. Thus the journey of any one can be summarized in three interconnected YET disjoint entities which don’t see the same dimension.


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