Eden Lost

How to sing from the depth of the heart
when all that rises is the bile from the gut

boundaries, definitions, society are binding
while my essence is transient and flowing

My muse is a living river
while life is a stagnant pool

Family, job, expectations are but ripples in that pool
weak echoes of the true movement of life it mimics

How lonely is god without his mirrored creation
and how lost is the creation within itself

happiness is all that the ALL wants
but to place it in other’s hands is the folly

To escape is the need of the hour
But in society it is money, drugs, and sex

Saturday evening and we are all but dead
wonder what sunday will bring, wakeup or bye

the heart is a poet on a trip
and the mind is a manic-depressive

my desire to live has a shadow of death
how can I tell u who I am, nothing but naught

cant dream of dreams nor desires
nothingness is my only companion

A desert is my paradise and the world a prison
since everything reflects my state of mind

I see the oneness in synchronicity
But how to depart from the collective mind

My life is in a state of perpetual dichotomy
when all is one and one is all

Eden Found

chants of yester years have tuned into plants
the answer is no longer in the winds alone

the rain washes the earth renew in breath
The pregnant clouds kiss the hill tops too

time to lay down the ego at the alter of self
sow seeds in a prayerful manner & bow out

Warm self in the company of one family
reaping the fruits in turns till the Garden IS, Ha!


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