The Directionality of Education

  seperated unity as a illusion-JDK

True learning results in catharsis of the heart, epiphany of the mind & efficacy of the spirit

catharsis meaning :: the act or process of releasing a strong emotion (such as pity or fear) especially by expressing it in an art form

epiphany meaning :: An epiphany is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something.

efficacy meaning :: capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness: a remedy of great efficacy.

…. in short its called being with a loving MOTHER. I call her Prit-WE…or our love

Education is assimilation of knowledge through information, while learning is primarily experiential. A learned person is one who has applied his education constructively in sharing the world without bias. Such a person can transform his world view & also alter the perceptions of those who come in contextual contact like a “Paras” or a Philosopher’s stone. Such an individual keeps growing wise & naturally becomes a productive member of the society thereby being useful beyond regional boundaries and racial distinctions. Thus, education is an ongoing process that requires frequent enhancements with prevalent information and continuous updating, both through vertical specialization and lateral thinking for real-time, collaborative field applications. No one can truly say, “I know everything, Right!”

  GDP Planet

Evolution is Vertical Specialization with Lateral Thinking and Vision

With the above perspective in mind about our primary motivation for education, it is paramount for any society to galvanize all means to foster a conducive environment for total knowledge transfer, so that, an individual’s full potential is reached at all times with unique propensities.

Times have never been more exciting or challenging than what mankind is facing now. Since information technology with its infrastructure and allied enabled services has reached its zenith, we would have ourselves to blame if we still don’t use the cheap resources like affordable electronic devices and low internet costs at our disposal. If at the beginning of this century, opportunity was just a click away, then we are NOW perched at the most opportunistic moment in the evolution of mankind. We are poised for not just a proverbial leap of faith, but a well-informed passage into a GOLDEN AGE.

 Manu class

It’s a Lonely Struggle but You are NOT Alone

Banking industry, Educational Institutions & Health amenities are the three sectors which cover the financial, emotional & spiritual aspect of any society. Presently, we are on the verge of a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness by comprehending the old with the new IT age. We have already kick started the movement to marry logic with intuition and wed science with spirituality in order to beget a Golden age. The seed of this desire has been sowed right from the ancient times in an apocalyptic manner and the incredulous human mind sometimes in an alchemist style of working spawned different approaches for raising the consciousness of the planet. For example, recall Lord Ravanasura, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. Can WE do this without Egotism, Imperialism, Fanaticism, or Racism? I believe WE CAN.

A leader not only leads BUT also ensures that the last one too makes it across. BEING TOLERANT is a vital attribute he should possess and it involves self worth through ownership of consequences dealing with reality, relationships, responsibility, & LATER realizations; in the same sequence. I think we all are answerable to this notion of mine. Your thoughts might enrich the environment!


Let your Thoughts and NOT your Spoils Know the Environment

It is always the RIGHT time for the BEST intention & CORRECT action. One has all the resources within at all times to accomplish a self-appointed mission because it is one’s cause in the first place. The perceived need will strive to redeem itself if pursued pointedly, wholeheartedly and relentlessly. Success is then not a possible outcome BUT a necessary eventuality.

Now that we know what we all do, let’s see how we can make each dawn a better reality than the best dream of tomorrow.

 flexibility matters

Education bridles the imagination, saddles the intuition, blinkers the vision & thus cradles CREATIVITY

 In a resource available from iNACOL, the organization notes that Scott Benson, former Program Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, identified the following list of key attributes for a personalized learning model (2013):

Learner Profiles: This involves capturing the individual skills, gaps, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aspirations of each student. It’s about knowing each student through a combination of assessments, surveys, and relationships built inside and outside of the classroom.

Personal Learning Paths: This involves creating an individual pathway for each student, based on his or her unique learner profile. Each student has his or her own learning goals and objectives, and learning experiences are diverse and matched to the individual needs of students.

Individual Mastery: Schools must continually assess student progress against clearly defined standards and goals. Students advance—generally at their own pace—based on demonstrated mastery of these learning targets.

Flexible Learning Environments: Educators should include multiple options and approaches in their delivery of instruction to support student learning.

Here is one more essential element of personalized learning, based on iNACOL’s discussions with educators in the field:

  • Student Agency: Students should have some control over how they learn. With the help of their teachers, they should be involved in designing their own learning process and should be given a choice in how to demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments.

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