In my past 46 years of journey on this wonderful planet with such diverse cultural and varied socio-economic strata, I realized my very being as an integration of regional biases coupled with religious ideologies. I felt enriched both by my outside interactions &   introspections within in my zeal to comprehend the diversity and individuality that such a large populace of 7 billion offered.

Having honed my analytical and reasoning skills during my all-round development at Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, I further learned man management skills and effective decision-making while at Indian Navy.

During the initial hey days of the internet revolution, I spent 8 years in various IT related ventures which gave me an in depth understanding of the vagaries of the market and the tendencies of the human psyche in adapting to newer forms of electronic transactions. Along the way, the true potential of the internet with its economic and socio-psychological ramifications became clear to me.

As I moved from core IT to ITES during the next few years, I reached across international boundaries to augment my communication skills, awareness of newer technologies and improved transactional analysis acumen.

Later, I achieved my full potential, culminating the totality of my past experiences, as a technical content editor in a Birmingham based publishing company catering to audience appreciation, technology familiarization with systems manipulation to achieve SEO or search engine optimization for bettering the market presence.

Then, an old spinal injury, which had been instrumental in my exit from the armed forces prematurely, became both a boon & a bane in disguise. I was practically paralyzed waist down with intermittent killing spasms that the best doctors in 2011 felt at best I can only numb my lower body through surgery & medications. Then my journey in 2012 after the surgery was more of a haze due to the painkillers!

I would go into fits of temper tantrums since the doctors had warned me that a spinal operation of the sort I underwent creates CNS fluid disruptions leading to mood swings. I felt victimized and would not tolerate my family overtures and only crave for mood altering, mind changing substances to be functional and out of pain and mobile. It was at this juncture that the psychiatrists suggested that I enter rehabilitation since there was no way I could proceed on my own without assistance.

That was the turning point of my life. I entered into the 12-step program and religiously for the next 4 years followed the strict regime of discipline with physical & mental makeover changing to the divine help of counselors whose patience was to no end at the same time very curt in weeding out my character defects. Slowly but surely, all my medicines gradually dropped as I started moving around without a handicap. My self esteem returned as I in turn started both counseling others in 2014 & taking sessions based on “Just for Today”.

In short, I feel obliged to give back what I received!


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