Neutrinos Tandav

I am an EM~path! EM—electro~magnetic radiation—! The PATH knows the WAY & the ROAD is aware of its DESTINATION & the GOAL this is the JOURNEY!

Bodily AURA is our past history
Mindscape DREAMs present-tense
Spirit of the SOUL our future
EARTH our space craft oh voyagers!

…BUT for 42 minutes the soul free falls to the other side, (42 + 42 minutes) and another 42 minutes to return as I sleep the “seamless dreamless sleep” at ghost hours…3:30 till 4:45 am when the soul goes through to the other side of the planet through its CORE! Before sunrise and after return it en-cashes the neutrinos till the break of dawn AND are assimilated in to the CHAKRAs for a new day! With the FIRST RAY OF SUN the neutrinos  amalgam with the EM (electro-magnetic) flux and ALCHEMY happens—AND after that they then can’t express in IDENTITY since neutrinos are no MORE absorbed & we are back as ZOMBIES..time machines! Manic MONDAY!!! Each day. OUR THOUGHT construct if improved will gradually encompass Advaita VEDANTA. Karri Speaks!

Advaita or non-duality means “Aham Brahmasvi” with the following statement that validates it:
“I am the atman within the body; life immortal, peace for ever”.
Dwaita or duality still means “Sat-Chit-Anand” with the following statement as validity:
“I am the universe within the body; conscious mind, bliss for ever”.
Vedanta is dissolution of the past~present~future or Aura,Dream,Soul with the following:
“I am the brahmn as the body, truth in awareness and joy”.
the first is a voyage of the universe as a soul while the second as a body and the last is a passage in spacetime.

Advaita Vedanta is when the Journey is the Destination!

14D : Moksha: Parabrahman ~ Brahman ~ Atman DARK ENERGY
Final emancipation: limiting thought ~ thought construct ~ intelligent energy
“I am nobody, nowhere for i am nothing at all.”


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