Evolution is the unique individual identification and adaptation to an environment by a lifeform based on instinct, intuition, intelligence, & imagination. ARE we into it 100%…for the biome we inherited called Earth or Prith~WE(Our LOVE). Karri Speaks!

Pearl delight



            A serene Life Force has no form or mass, does not move, and is not locatable in space or time.  It has the ability to perceive and intend.

            That is, you cannot see, feel, or touch physically, the Spirit.

            You, the Spirit, are the upholder of integrity.

            You, the Spirit, are the maintainer of honor.

            You, the Spirit, are the intelligence.

            You, the Spirit, are the evaluator of importance.

            You, the Spirit, are the perceiver of truth.

            You, the Spirit, are the observer.

            You, the Spirit, are the creator of thought.

            You, the Spirit, are the decider.

            For you, the Spirit, to operate anywhere near optimum, it is necessary to be extremely honest, of highest integrity, and to maintain high ideals, principals, and ethical standards.

            When the Spiritual Being violates its basic honesty, integrity, high ideals, principles, and ethical standards, it experiences excruciating, unwanted feelings (pain).  This causes the being to want to forget or not want to know in the area.  This eventually leads to an unwillingness to know; then to an inability to know; then to ignoring the area completely, then to attacking anyone who even suggests it look into the area.  This is a form of harmful act.

            Then, as it expects to be punished, the being fears the area.

            Thus, the Spiritual Being sets up five ways to not handle the area:

            1.         Attack the area.

            2.         Flee from the area.

            3.         Avoid the area.

            4.         Neglect or ignore the area.

            5.         Cease to exist or create.

            When you observe a person, you will find they have one of those five methods of handling life that is grossly out of control.

            If an individual is spiritually illiterate, that being’s awareness level will be low.  Life will be a mystery and the being’s ability to be at cause over, or make things go right in life, will be extremely limited or non-existent.

Source: http://www.spiritualrecoverytechnology.com/

By Alan C Walter:

The single greatest source of man’s inability to handle life, himself, his relationships with others and his environment –

            That source of inability is SPIRITUAL ILLITERACY.

            It must be understood that an individual is a composite of six basic factors:

            The first factor is You, the Spiritual Being or life force.

            The second factor is your intentions, dreams, and goals.

            The third factor is your vision of what you intend to attain.

            The fourth factor is your mind, the device you use to record, store, and retrieve data.

            The fifth factor is your body, the physical object that You, the being, animates and directs to produce the sixth factor, that factor being your outcomes; the end result of You, your mind, your intentions, your visions, and the application and direction of those through your body to produce and manifest your intended creations into the physical universe.


            The composite utilization of these six factors gives the being its self-worth and makes up its identity.  To be at cause over your life, your mind, your body, and your environment, it is necessary to be at cause over YOURSELF, the Spiritual Being.

            When a being is illiterate in an area, that being is ignorant of the fundamentals of the area of knowledge that is needed.  Further, that being cannot receive the data necessary to obtain the information, as the being cannot really comprehend what is to be read or is written, owing to its having no word or conceptual understandings of the area.  Thus the being is blocked from getting or using its abilities in that area.

Illiteracy, or being illiterate, in an area leads to ignorance.  Ignorance causes the being to have to ignore the area.  This is extremely painful to the being and often it will substitute something else to explain its ignoring the illiterate area, which leads to disaster and bad consequences.



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