Wide Awake!

Ramana Maharishi.jpg

Absolutely Sir! You are Purusha(individual consciousness). You appear as prakriti(material energy) in a hierarchy of phenomenal fields. But as i ponder on purusha ~ in wonder prakriti I become! Call it Maya if you please! The creator, creation, & the creative process merge into a blur of ecstasy then that becomes bliss and as the experience & self dissolve into nothing as one, Nirvana happens! when any further observation stops its Moksha! If it reaches the limiting thought construct of the expressed saguna then Parabrahman one is! If karma holds no more ~ I am the nirguna Brahman. Emptiness is nirguna Brahman. Universe is saguna Brahman. You are emptiness in Universal harmony. Thou Art That! When this becomes THAT & that becomes THIS the cause becomes the effect & the effect in turn the cause! This is called “SYCHRONICITY” & when it is perpetually ones breath, life is transforming! Karri Speaks!

They tried to burn me but didn’t realize I was a pheonix. Call me AGNI
They tried to break me but didn’t realize I was a wave. Call me VAYU
They tried to forget me but didn’t realize I was a dream. Call me AKASH
They tried to bury me but didn’t realize I was a seed. Call me PRITHVI
They tried to drown me but didn’t realize I was a ice~rock. Call me JAL
They call me PRITHWE’s LOVE as Pancha-tattva, that thou art!

years have rolled like mist & fog
yet crisp as the dawn is still YOU

‘times i wonder, do i truly love you
specially when you talk as plants

everytime a bird or butterfly peeps
i die seeing your childish pranks!

You told always that i am my name
YET not name, fame, game & dame

Said that the divinity of mankind
defines both THE man & GOD

To say that you are my “Adi Guru”
is like showing a candle to the Sun

showed me how to embrace death
& bring forth life, “I LOVE YOU, prakriti’s Purusha”

EGO            SYNCHRONICITY          MOTHER


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