Wake Up – You are the new Avatar


Buddham Sharanam Gachami

Dhammam Sharanam Gachami

Drunvidyam Sharanam Gachami

Sargam Sharanam Gachami

Sangam Sharanam Gachami

Sagar Sharanam Gachami

Karmam Sharanam Gachami

Ishvara Sharanam Gachami

Dharmam Sharanam Gachami

Brahmam Sharanam Gachami

Synchronicity is the sole principle that operates in the universe, you can even call it karma but not in the relative sense but instantaneous.

The common man accepts this exists, coz he is aware in his sub-conscious mind somewhere deep within that he is connected to the whole. Tamasic guna or a mind run by past samskara predominates in them. Such a person asks for the truth & then goes home still ignorant. The home truth that he is the universe doesn’t register due to lack of experience & a desire for the truth. These men adopt spirituality solely for creating desirable ends to exist in the web of Maya in a more harmonious manner but not to be masters of Maya itself. Is not aware of Synchronicity and sub-conscious mind leads their lives. This lifestyle is characterised by Denial.

Next is the ‘I know’ man. These breed of people are those who have experienced the truth & are aware of their personal capabilities. These are those who have the capacity to alter the fabric of space & time or Maya. This breed is like Babas, rishis & god men in general. Rajasic guna predominates in them coz they are action oriented. They indulge in Yoga, Kriya yoga, Bhakti yoga. Thus, due to their reliance on some form of practice or another, they are bound by the path they choose making their alteration of Maya very limited in scope. They are using Maya to alter Maya and hence are still in its clutch as the bottom line remains “still in maya.” conscious mind leads their lives. This lifestyle is characterised by Manipulation.

In the end, come the handful of those who are aware of the working mysteries of the universe & spend their life in moulding their own selves. Coupled with the focus on self-moulding and compassion they reach out to the needy. Sai Baba, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Babaji come under this category. Sattva Guna or righteousness predominates in them.These people don’t have any projection of samskaras or seeds of karma. Hence, when they view anything happening, they don’t affect it by having an opinion about it. They take a benign stance on the event and thus allow the more superior cosmic intelligence to take over & give the best resolution that is possible at that particular time. In other words, they allow synchronicity to take its natural course, knowing that it is far superior than the limited intellect. Synchronicity shows its true self as having no definitions but the resolution of all the opposites. Thus, the result is not affected by the conscious mind, residing in the physical or material universe. Nor, is it affected by the fluid mind or sub-conscious flowing between predefined patterns set in life due to past samskaras or impressions. It is a state of super-consciousness where the harmonious mind is eternally aware that the universe is a product of the mind. This lifestyle is characterised by Wisdom.

The above 3 facets are present in any human in various proportions & out of this is born the collective consciousness which time & again takes the form of a human to restore balance or Dharma. Coz only in the human form can all the three consciousness (sub-consciousness, consciousness , super-consciousness) be modified. And this human form is called an avatar. An avatar has all the 3 gunas in the same exact proportion thus allowing it to affect the 3 worlds. Since the universe is reflection of the self- which the avatar has, the universe too changes to bring back balance, harmony or simply put Dharma through karma in synchronicity. After the Buddha it was an accepted fact that your higher power is your own dream of yourself. Buddha gave methods to change the life pattern of ones life by dissolving ones samskaras & thus reach a state where tranquility exists independent of environment. In fact he paved the way for the hindu’s last avatar who need not even be recognized cuz’ all he has to do is be harmonious with himself and then the New Age is not far.

Music inflames temperament
tempermant ignites the fire
breath fuels it for ever and ever
discrimination with devotion
is advaita of shankaracharya


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