Space-time Time

> Beware of “I NO(know)” since it is the fruit of knowledge shared by Adam & Eve which always forms ego.
> Bruce Lee – Fight without fighting; achieved by responding and not reacting => to be above karma
> Respect all life forms, especially Mother Earth or positive life supporting eco-systems
> Khalil Gibran: children are guests who give meaning to life and have come to nullify their karma and not to realize your unfulfilled dreams
> Fear gnaws at the soul to remind one of a higher power always with u as instinctive conscience
> Death gives life its meaning hence embrace each day as the last day of your life
> When the student is ready the master arrives=there is no master better than life, use wisely
> do not repeat a set pattern to remain a blackhole sun
> The whole show is an orchestra just for you; hence always have a sense of gratitude to all
> Always look into the eyes while speaking and be direct with the fact at that moment
> The best construct is laid out before you and it was, is and will be perfect if you just absent yourself
> I can only change myself; the rest of me outside have their own owner’s mind.
> can visualize past important events to rethink future
> leave no footprints for maximum effect
> First things first, no pending

No your or mine,
no challenging beliefs,
Open ended perspective.

Mayrid impressions and interpretations,
All perspectives to converge into the river of life,
Be the grail and let the holy water flow thru you.

Time starts from where you are,
dont like times, drop-out and sync with times,
This is It! Born Again and again and again….

After the euphoria comes the hangover,
the calm, solitude and craving for love,
Seeks the bigger picture and becomes canvas.

The rebel is born – to die,
death becomes it and a revolution is voiced,
Change comes swift as death and the world is born.

Hero with a thousand masks as he becomes folklore
inspiring innumerable magicians to seek the kingdom,
Time flows again and the waters are at last free to roam the heavens.

The heavens rupture into a symphony,
such synchronization has never been accomplished across Blackholes,
The 10001 is contemplated for eons in heavens with earth securing a Place.


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